Jan 12, 2010

Black cardigan with crochet motifs

Size: 12/14
Materials: 600 g black (col 10) "Feeling" (35% cotton, 40% polyamide, 25% acrylic, mt = 90 m/50 g) from ONLINE.

One pair 7 mm needles, one 6 mm crochet hook ADDI. 2 buttons.
Stst: K on Rs, P on Ws.
Crochet motif: work foll crochet chart. Start with 6 ch at the centre of motif, work rounds 1 - 7. After the 5th round break yarn and join again for 6th round.
Tension stst: 16 sts and 24 rows to 10 cm square; crochet motif: 19 cm square.
Back: for the lower piece cast on 84 sts and twisted cast-on. Cont in stst. Wwm 37.5 cm = 90 rows cast off  for armholes at each end of every alt row 3 sts once. 2 sts once and 1 st 5 times. Wwm 40 cm = 96 rows cast off the 60 centre sts for yoke opening and cont for each side separately. Wwm 43.5 cm = 104 rows cast off rem 2 sts. For yoke work 2 crochet motifs, join them with 1 row dc. Attach motifs foll line chart to yoke opening.

Left front: cast on for side piece 12 sts and twisted cast-on and cont in stst. Wwm 37.5 cm = 90 rows shape armhole at right edge as given for back. Wwm 43.5 cm = 104 rows cast off rem 2 sts. For front piece work 3 crochet motifs, crochet motifs tog for a stripe. Along lower edge of 1st motif crochet 2 cm = 2 rows tr, for 1 st tr on every row work 3 ch. Attach this motif stripe foil line chart to side piece.
Right front: work in reverse.
Sleeves: for top piece cast on 61 sts and cont in stst. For trumpet shape dec 1 st at each end of every 4th row 4 times = 53 sts. Wwm 6.5 cm = 16 rows inc for shaping 1 st at each end of every 8th row 4 times = 61 sts. Wwm 24 cm = 58 rows cast off for sleeve top at each end of every alt row 2 sts 3 times. 1 st 13 times, 2 sts once. Wwm 38 cm = 92 rows cast off rem 19 sts. For lower piece work 2 crochet motifs, join motifs and attach to cast-on edge of top piece.
To make up: join shoulder seams over the outer 10 cm each. Sew sleeves in position, join side and sleeve seams. Along front edges and neck edge crochet as foll: 1st row: dc. 2nd row: * 1 crab st (= dc from left to right), 1 ch, miss 1 dc, rep from *. In right front band work 2 buttoning loops with 6 ch each. Work 1st loop 19 cm from top edge, 2nd spaced 19 cm apart. Sew on buttons.

Sandra №05 2003